How to Control Meetings/Pitches in English/Cómo controlar Reuniones / Concursos de Inglés.

Mastering questions helps you to:

1.  Control the speed of the conversation.

2.  Confirm everything you hear.

3.  Remind the native English speaker that English IS NOT your first language.

*Number 3 is something you have to do regularly during a conversation with a native English speaker.

‘WH’ – words

  • What, Who, Why, Where, When, Which
  • Followed by:
    • + an auxiliary verb + the subject + main verb
      • E.g. what are you doing?

Auxiliary verbs

  • To be, to do, to have
  • Often followed by:
    • Subject + verb
      • E.g. can you help?

Model verbs

  • Can / Could / Would / Should / Will
  • Often followed by:
    •  Subject + verb
      • E.g. can she fly the plane?


+ Adverbs.  E.g. how quickly can you get here?

+ Adjectives. E.g. how tall is the building?

+ Auxiliary verbs. E.g. how will you travel?

+ Model verbs. How should I proceed?


About No More Spanglish

I have been an English teacher for over eight years in Madrid. Most of that time has been spent teaching, correcting and translating in the Media sector. My mission, and that of this blog, is to improve your level of English by eliminating one common/repeated error at a time. For further details - check me out on LinkedIn or email me directly at

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