Avoiding Errors in Pitch Presentations/Evitar Errores en Concursos de Media.

Avoid these common mistakes:

1.  What is the difference between ‘allocated’ and ‘located’?

To allocate means asignar.  To locate means situar.

E.g. 50% of the campaign budget is ALLOCATED to TV.

E.G. The OOH company LOCATED their billboards around the airport.

2.  In Media terms, it is better to translate ‘notoridad’ as AWARENESS.

Notoridad means ‘famous for something bad’.

3.  English adjectives are never plural.  Only the nouns need to be plural.

E.G. We will buy inserts in populars celebrities weekly magazines.  INCORRECT.

E.G. We will buy inserts in popular celebrity weekly magazines.  CORRECT.

Let me know if you have any questions and check out the other posts about Common Media-English Errors /  Errores Comunes de Media-Inglés.


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