Pitch Corrections / Correcciones de Concursos

Common errors made when producing pitch presentations to win new accounts in the media, marketing, communication sector.

Confusing Words

Comsumo(sustantivo) Consume(verb) = consumption(noun)

National vs Nationwide – For example, if you want to describe that a channel is available in all regions of Spain, it is better to say:       ‘nationwide channel.

Prescription vs Endorsement – A prescription is something the doctor gives you (receta)

To sponsor (verb) = patrocinar.  Sponsorship (noun) = patrocinio

Exposición = exhibition in relation to showing something in public.

 Common Errors

      Estar mal visto – to be frowned on

      Pienso que no ≠ I think that not/no  = I don’t think so.

      Acronyms are always in capital letters.  For example:

GRPs – Gross Rating Points

  • Not grps or Grps

MUPIs – Mueble Urbano para la Presentación de Información

  • Not muppis or Mupis

 OPIs – Objeto Publicitario Iluminado

  • Not opis or oppis or Oppis



About No More Spanglish

I have been an English teacher for over eight years in Madrid. Most of that time has been spent teaching, correcting and translating in the Media sector. My mission, and that of this blog, is to improve your level of English by eliminating one common/repeated error at a time. For further details - check me out on LinkedIn or email me directly at nomorespanglish@hotmail.com

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