5 Common Media-English Errors / 5 Errores Comunes de Media-Inglés

  1. ‘Posicionado’ means ‘positioned’.  ‘Relacionado’ means ‘related’.  The words ‘positionated” and ‘relationated’ do not exist.
  2. ‘Complicity’ (Complicidad) has negative connotations in English and usually relates to criminal activity.  Better translations, when trying to transmit a good connection/relationship between two things (for example a potential customer and a product), are ‘association’, ‘link’ or relationship’.
  3. “In the last years…” is usually an incorrect literal translation (because of the combination of the definite article ‘the’ with ‘last’ describing ‘years’ in plural).  Better alternatives are ‘in recent years’ or ‘lately’ or ‘recently’.
  4. The verbs ‘to say’ and ‘to tell’.   Tell + a personal pronoun e.g. “He told me (that) ….”  Or “He said (that) ….”
  5. ‘Compromiso’ (most commonly) means either: commitment(obligación) or agreement(acuerdo).  It also translates to mean ‘compromise’ but this has negative connotations.

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About No More Spanglish

I have been an English teacher for over eight years in Madrid. Most of that time has been spent teaching, correcting and translating in the Media sector. My mission, and that of this blog, is to improve your level of English by eliminating one common/repeated error at a time. For further details - check me out on LinkedIn or email me directly at nomorespanglish@hotmail.com

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