New Prepostion Practice with Answers.

The usual ‘rules’ apply:

  • Look for the most (or one of the most) common collocations
  • Trust your (first) instinct
  • Sometimes a preposition is not necessary (Ø)
  • and let me know if you have any questions.

People make mistakes with these all the time but after a little, regular practice, you will begin to use the correct collocation instinctively.

Download the preposition practice exercise here or get more free exercises under the FREE STUFF menu.


About No More Spanglish

I have been an English teacher for over eight years in Madrid. Most of that time has been spent teaching, correcting and translating in the Media sector. My mission, and that of this blog, is to improve your level of English by eliminating one common/repeated error at a time. For further details - check me out on LinkedIn or email me directly at

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