Como Controlar un Conversacion en Inglés

How to Control a Conversation in English.

The basis of a simple and effective strategy in this situation is to ask questions.  Asking questions can help you to:

  1. Slow the conversation down!
  2. Remind the person you are talking to that English is not your first language.
  3. Confirm the information you (think you) have heard. 

Slowing the speed of the conversation has obvious benefits.  Reminding the person you are speaking to that you are not speaking in your language is a very useful thing to do at regular intervals during a conversation.  Asking correct questions can have this effect and help you to double-check(confirmar) what you hear.

Very basically, there are four ways to start a correct question, as you can see here.  Start the good habit of beginning your questions with these “question words“.  There are some simple formulas to help you with the rest of the sentence. 

Tomorrow I will post 10 essential questions you should know to be able to control these situations better.

Remember, your native English-speaking colleague will have a lot of respect for a Spanish speaker who tries to communicate in English.  This respect may not be obvious – mostly because of an inferiority complex they have for being able to communicate in only one language – but they will admire you efforts!

Download Question Word Order.


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