Learn From Your Mistakes (Contains some Spanish)

what I said to my mother-in-law.

Many years ago we lived in a one bedroom flat.  In the bedroom there was a phone connection so, we set up(instalar) the computer desk there it was the days before Wifi.  It made sense(tiene sentido/era logico) to have the telephone on the same desk too – close to the connection.

I was vacuuming (pasar la aspiradora por) the apartment one day when the phone rang.  My Spanish was even worse than it is now – for example, I was always confusing the words ‘hacer’ and ‘echar’ –  but, without thinking, I answered the phone.  It was my mother-in-law.  She had been in the flat several times previously and, therefore, knew that I was in the bedroom.

I don’t remember why she called but I imagine she wanted to speak to her daughter who was out at the time.  She was very polite and instead of immediately asking to speak with her daughter we chatted for a few minutes.   “Qué tal estás?  Comó va el trabajo?” etc.  She asked me simple questions she thought I could understand.

Then she asked me “Qué estás haciendo?”  I understood the question but I had no idea how to say that ‘I was vacuuming’ so, I decided to tell her the next task(tarea) I was going to do which was the dusting(quitar el polvo).  In English we would say, ‘I am doing the dusting’.

Can you imagine what I told my future mother-in-law what I was doing in our bedroom?!?  Write your answer as a comment below.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes(errores).

PS If you want an opportunity to make many mistakes and have them corrected by a native English speaker, go to www.nomorespanglish.es and take a language-learning holiday in Ireland next June.


About No More Spanglish

I have been an English teacher for over eight years in Madrid. Most of that time has been spent teaching, correcting and translating in the Media sector. My mission, and that of this blog, is to improve your level of English by eliminating one common/repeated error at a time. For further details - check me out on LinkedIn or email me directly at nomorespanglish@hotmail.com

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